Baklava Line

The-art of this machine, you can have, 60 kg/hour standard very thin baklava dough product with only one person. This brand-new baklava dough machine becomes a favorite for baklava producers.

This machine can produce desire dimension, square or pack shape Turkish Ravioli (Manti).This 9 mould technology  gives you maximum production capacity.

Lavash line

Uniquely designed by Mateks special Lavash (Armenian) Bread production line covers up preparation to baking. Can be cut in desired sizes and shapes, baked, cooled and is prepared for packing.

Pasteurization machine

With our two type and different capacity Pasteurized Machines, Ravioli (Manti) and Noodles can be pasteurized. In this way, products are free from bacteria, become glossy and increase the shelf life.

Phyllo line

After the pastry bags puts in the reservoir, all other steps shown. According to needs,(daily use dough yufka-, water base pie/burek, etc.) are directed.

Noodles machine

You can produce desired width or/and thickness of noodles with our Mateks Noodles Machine. You can produce most economic way, very practical and capable of mass production with this machine

Pizza base machine

Detailed information for “Pizza Base Dough Machine” , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rolled pie machine

Specially deigned for rolled pie (burek) machine is rapid and economical production.


Water based pie machine

Our design for production of Water Base Burek, clients able to produce their product, in short time but in maximum capacity. For details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) line

This machine as our Turkish Pizza (Lahmacun) line is designed entirely for this production.

Triangular dough cutting

This machine designed for cutting triangular different size dough, with its different blades.

Shredder machine

This machine helps to dessert a producer who needs grated peanuts and walnuts. You can get the grated nuts only changing the molds, according the desire size, products are prepared without mashing