Manti machine


This machine can produce desire dimension, square or pack shape Turkish Ravioli (Manti).This 9 mould technology  gives you maximum production capacity.

Capacity / Hour 60 Kg.
Power /KW 3.5 Kw
Size : Width 120 cm
Size : Lenght 100 cm
Size : Height 175 cm
Power type ---
Net weight 350 Kg.
*Specified values may be variable

  • This machine can fill a mixture consisting of raw minced meati onion, and spice into the manti phyllo you produce as soft as you like.
  • You can produce various products in various molds. (Like triangular, rose, flower, bundle etc) 
  • You can adjust the stuffing amount and fill as much stuffing as you wish.
  • You can control the speed and speed up or slow down the machine depending on production. 
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy of use
  • Replaceable mold system
  • Separate mince feeding unit
  • CE certificate
  • GOST certificate