Minced meat manti machine


This line consist of a dough machine (thick phyllo), a manti machine and a minced meat stuffing assembly. This machine is suitable for Turkish palate, can produce manti as delicious us home made manti and is the only machine that can fill raw minced meat.

Capacity / Hour 50 Kg.
Power /KW 8.5 Kw
Size : Width 100 cm
Size : Lenght 550 cm
Size : Height 185 cm
Power type ---
Net weight 750 Kg.
*Specified values may be variable

  • This machine can fill a mixture consisting of raw minced meat onion, and spice into the manti phyllo you produce as soft as you like.
  • You can produce various products in various molds. (Like triangular, rose, flower, bundle etc)
  • The product size can be adjusted between 18 mm and 40 mm. 
  • You can adjust the stuffing amount and fill as much stuffing as you wish.
  • You can control the machine performance so you can speed it up or slow it down depending on production.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy of use
  • Replaceable mold system
  • Separate mince feeding unit
  • CE certificate
  • GOST certificate