Pasteurization machine


With our two different type of pasteurization machines, you can pasteurize Ravioli (Mantı) and Noodles. It moisturizes a them with the water boiling reservoir and sterilizes. Thanks to lower and upper fans, it provides endurance and brighess. This machine totally stainless steel.

Capacity / Hour 250 Kg.    /  150 Kg.
Power /KW 9 Kw        /   12 Kw
Size : Width 80 cm      /  100 cm
Size : Lenght 500 cm    /  650 cm
Size : Height 90 cm     /   90 cm
Power type ---
Net weight 750 Kg.   /  1.000 Kg.
*Specified values may be variable

  • Wet manti is passed through the vapor, moisturized with the boiling water in the machine reservoir and sterilized. The moisture is removed with lower and upper heaters.
  • It provides endurance and brightness with lower and upper fans at the outlet.
  • The pasteurization machine is a hygienic machine that is completely made of stainless steel wire band and frame.
  • It is called PM-100 and PM-70 due to band width.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy of use
  • Manti and noodle pasteurization
  • Cooling system
  • CE certificate
  • GOST certificate