Shredder machine


This machine helps to dessert a producer who needs grated peanuts and walnuts. You can get the grated nuts only changing the molds, according the desire size, products are prepared without mashing. In addition, this machine is used to grate nuts and Rusk.

Capacity / Hour 100 Kg.
Power /KW 1.1 Kw
Size : Width 50 cm
Size : Lenght 100 cm
Size : Height 125 cm
Power type ---
Net weight 75 Kg.
*Specified values may be variable



  • You can grate walnut, nut, peanut with this machine and produce products as big as you like using 3 different blades.
  • Grating products such as walnut, peanut, and nut etc. without extracting their oil is the most important feature of this machine.
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy of use
  • Replaceable mold system
  • CE certificate
  • GOST certificate