The movements of dough balls after they are put in the resorvoir are shown stage by stage. The resulting phyllo can be directed depending on the need ( dough for daily use, water pie etc.). Raw phyllo is cut into desired sizes if necessary. Baking, irrigation and resting departments can be added if it is to be baked.


Dough Machine
Thinning Assemblies
Round cutting / Square cutting
Conveyor oven
Wastage Carts
Irrigation and resting units


The phyllo line is a line producing phyllo from ready dough.
You can adjust the thickness as you wish and produce various products by cutting in different sizes with replaceable blades.
After it passes the hands-off production stages, you can bundle and pack the phyllo at the end of the line.
It is an integrated system consisting of dough spreading, thinning, stretching, cutting and discarding units, tunnel oven, and irrigation band.

Stainless steel body
Easy of use
Operation without waste
Gas tunnel oven
CE certificate
GOST certificate.

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